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In a world where pride in one’s work has become hard to find, Cindy and Mike, along with Gary, showed that this ethic still exists. ...have been trying for a long time to rid this home of many problems, bad air quality being a major one.

We had many fears of doing such a big job, along with having people in our home in every room.  Our worries and fear were for naught as Cindy and Mike were some of the most pleasant, hard working, considerate and knowledgeable people we have met in many years.  Having them here was painless.

Gary was so helpful and patient with all my questions.  He was constantly overseeing and helping with all the unexpected that arises on big jobs.  Like my filters being an odd size.  He took the time to help and stayed mindful of the expense.

As I write this, the job is complete.  All ducts are spotless, new Merv filters and I am continuing with deep house cleaning.

Please give our thanks once again to a great cleaning team.  Having this worry resolved has had a major impact on our lives.

         Mary S.   - Jan., 2017