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is your source for professional HVAC and duct system cleaning.

Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

Commercial, industrial and institutional facilities managers, whose buildings have dryers that are routinely over-taxed to support extensive washing, know that these vents need cleaning.

When a commercial dryer vent is clogged, airflow is reduced and then dryers are forced to work harder.  The air travelling through the ductwork and vents gets hotter, and the dryers don’t work effectively. This can cause:

  • Potential ignition of lint as heated air moves slower and temperatures intensify
  • Accelerated thermostat and internal sensor failure
  • Reduction of the appliance’s lifespan
  • Higher energy consumption

ACTS technicians clean these dryer exhaust systems for you, and we provide you with the documentation for your records.

Kitchen Hood Cleaningindustrial oven cleaning

We all know that kitchen hoods collect grease, dirt and dust as well as moisture.  The resulting film can be tough to clean, and can present fire hazards as well as efficiency issues.

ACTS can inspect and clean these systems for you using biodegradable, EPA registered cleaning products.  Plus we can schedule the work around your schedule as needed.

Our company and technicians are covered by the proper liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation coverage.

Forensic Imaging Services & Inspections

ACTS staff can provide you with inspection services that help you reach areas of your building that are hard to see.  Using borescopes, fiber-optics and robotics equipped with camera and video equipment, we can inspect unsafe areas and behind walls and in ceiling voids as well as inside HVAC ductwork.  This technology enables us to inspect these areas with minimal disruption, exposure and risk to investigators.

What types of investigations might apply?  Find the source of malodors, determine where a water leak started, track down mold growth, assure compliance with building standards in new construction or even map old ductwork and other hidden channels and voids in old buildings.

Contact ACTS for more information and how we might assist you with this process.

Materials Abatement

ACTS can also assist you with hazardous materials removal from HVAC and mechanical systems, including lead, asbestos, heavy metals or pharma waste. Any of these contaminants can be spread throughout occupied spaces if not handled appropriately to prevent friable particles from entering the atmosphere. ACTS can build containment in and around the systems as necessary to accomplish the work, using negative air pressure and air scrubbers as needed.

Odor Investigation

The number one most important item to remember in removing odors is that you must remove the source.  If you can’t find the source, you’ll never fully deodorize the space.  Using our boreoscope, fiber-optics and robotic equipment, we can help you search and destroy the issue that may be creating your odor problem.  ACTS can also provide you with video documentation, should you need it, for insurance coverage issues connected with removing the odor.

Once the source is discovered, we may even be able to assist with removal using robotics, or we can provide you with a complete scope of work and estimate for the work involved, whether it’s cleaning and encapsulating your full HVAC system or it’s cleaning and sanitizing the structure and contents, including soft goods, to eliminate odor that may have penetrated the surrounding area.

Water Damage Surveys

Without fully investigating water damage, you may never know the extent of the possible mold and microbial growth that could result.  Water seeps into the smallest, most inaccessible areas were humans can’t see, but smaller organisms can thrive.  Allow ACTS to give you the peace of mind that comes from checking all areas after a water loss to be sure there are no hidden issues.


While much has been said about duct cleaning companies over-selling sanitizing as part of their service, there are very crucial applications that you should consider.  Certainly, you do not need to sanitize your duct work just because it was dusty and dirty.  But if you’ve had water intrusion, particularly if it was gray or black water, you need to also apply sanitizers to the system once thoroughly cleaned.  ACTS technicians are trained to understand the proper application of these products—when to apply them and when NOT to apply them.

Site Containment & Control

Whether you’ve been told you have a mold issue throughout half of your building or in just one room, you’ll need to know that anyone working onsite while remediation is being performed is safe.  ACTS can construct the proper containment, including physical barriers, air scrubbers with HEPA filtration and double containment areas as needed for your project.  Our staff is certified in antimicrobial remediation, including containment.  Let us assist you in protecting those around the area.

Overhead Cleaning Services

Are you trying to figure just how to get the exterior of the high ceiling decking, piping, lights or ductwork in your manufacturing facility cleaned? If you don’t have staff with the capabilities, training, nor equipment to safely and effectively clean areas more than 14 feet above work areas, let ACTS handle the job for you.