Air Conveyance Treatment Services
is your source for professional HVAC and duct system cleaning.

ACTS technicians remove smoke and soot from the entire air handling system, not just the ductwork.  They clean dirty furnace components, coil compartments, fans and fan compartments. The dust that may have settled into the ductwork before the fire absorbs odors.  The only way to remove these odors is to remove the source, including its host of dust particles.  Full removal of soot ensures that it won’t re-contaminate other areas within the living or work space.Unlike any other duct cleaning, HVAC remediation due to insurance loss is a complicated process. Contaminants such as smoke, mold, soot, fire extinguisher dust and water must be effectively removed from the duct work to help restore the building to its pre-loss condition.  If the HVAC systems and duct work aren’t property cleaned, that particulate will be the source of lingering odors and could also feed molds and bacteria that get redistributed through the building once the system is restarted.  

Water-damaged buildings present unique issues within HVAC systems.  Depending on the classification of the water loss (i.e. clean, gray or black water), HVAC systems from air handlers and ducts through grills, may all need to be both cleaned and sanitized.  We complete hundreds of jobs every year that require post remediation clearance testing and are highly trained in the containment process.

ACTS technicians perform this cleaning using specialized techniques and materials developed for the disaster restoration industry.  We can save the insurance company money by cleaning and deodorizing the system, and save you the time required for a new installation if it’s not required. Our crews and affiliates can also thoroughly clean, sanitize and deodorize your entire building and contents after fire, smoke, water, sewer, flood, or even biohazards.  Our reconstruction crews can help put things back together for you too.

Need Help in an Emergency?  Our crews respond to emergency calls for cleaning and deodorization 24/7, 365 days per year.  We can provide response within hours of the first call, including water removal, drying and dehumidification, deodorization, board up, pack-out of contents, and even demolition to get your restoration started.  Just call 800-642-2826.