Air Conveyance Treatment Services
is your source for professional HVAC and duct system cleaning.

Industrial HVAC systems are required to not only move air but to also filter much more contaminants from the environment to keep building occupants safe and productive.  These systems require more maintenance than any standard commercial systems in office or retail spaces, and they are usually much larger systems as well. Whether you have an automotive shop or a munitions or chemical manufacturer, your system proposes unique challenges to anyone servicing it. 

cleaning paint boothDue to mere size and access constraints, you need to hire professionals with experience for these applications. Does your contractor possess the proper liability and worker’s compensation insurance?  Are they OSHA and/or confined space certified as needed?  Can they handle the advanced scheduling, usually during offline hours and the long-term scope required to accomplish the job?

Air Conveyance Treatment Services can perform mechanical hygiene inspections and cleaning for your large scale, specialized system as well as your stand-alone filtration units.  Whether working on roof-top units and individual air handlers or mammoth room-sized built-in systems, our technicians have experienced this type of work many times. Our staff understands the different character of each system, including the engineering controls and strategies needed to accomplish their task.



ACTS can:

  • Inspect your system with video robotics, boreoscopes, fiber-optics
  • Develop a full scope of work, following ASHRAE and NADCA protocols
  • Perform permit required confined-space entry work
  • Clean all units, mechanical rooms and condensers as well as ductwork
  • Refurbish systems when recommended
  • Provide antimicrobial & materials removal and treatment 
  • Provide air scrubbers, deodorization, and containment as needed during work
  • Encapsulate voids
  • Provide interior protection services for overhead work
  • Perform overhead cleaning
  • Document before and after work is performed for your records

Our technicians are OSHA certified as well as trained on proper mechanical hygiene and antimicrobial remediation methods.  Our company carries professional and general liability, worker’s compensation, and our technicians are also background checked, drug & alcohol tested and bonded.  Among our past clients are government contractors, manufacturing facilities and logistics warehouses.