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“Proper maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems is arguably key to maintaining IAQ in any commercial facility, but it takes on an added level of importance in healthcare facilities where infection control and cross contamination are among the concerns.”

Healthcare Facilities Today

containmentThere are well-established industry standards for HVAC system maintenance as well as for design in healthcare facilities.  These facility managers know that properly trained technicians are the first line of defense in ensuring high Indoor Air Quality, using the right technology and maintenance practices to make sure those requirements are upheld over the life of their buildings.

Air Conveyance Treatment Services technicians have worked with medical facilities and healthcare clients for years, providing specialty mechanical hygiene services, including:

  • Inspections of HVAC Systems for cleanliness, using robotic tools equipped with video
  • Operating Room system cleaning, with proper negative air and containment as necessary to prevent cross-contamination
  • Post-Construction HVAC system cleaning to ensure systems are cleaned before they are powered up after the ever-present hospital expansion is complete.  New systems should also be inspected and cleaned after installation to eliminate possible antimicrobial food sources from dust or debris. Wise managers inspect systems even after containment around construction areas is removed.
  • Negative air room cleaning, including rooftop units.  These important components of healthcare infection control provide containment, but if they have any contamination, source removal is a must.
  • Mold inspection, containment and remediation, ACTS, as a division of CATCO, Catastrophe Cleaning & Restoration Company, is fully certified to handle even the highest level of microbial contamination with professionalism and discretion* 
  • Custom specifications that adhere to NADCA & ASHRAE Standards

    Some of our recent healthcare clients include:

BJC Healthcare
SSM Healthcare
Brookdale Senior Living
Christian Hospitals