Air Conveyance Treatment Services
is your source for professional HVAC and duct system cleaning.

commercial hvac cleaningACTS can inspect your HVAC system, estimate, plan and thoroughly clean hard to reach ductwork interiors throughout your building.  Commercial HVAC systems are much more complex than residential systems. These systems include multi-zone and dual deck systems, VAV boxes, mixing boxes, turning vanes, in-duct smoke detectors and fire dampers.  Cleaning these components requires experts with extensive knowledge and experience with commercial applications, following NADCA ACR 2013 standards.

  • Assessment of building operations and HVAC systems and consultinglarge commercial unit cleaning
  • Inspection of air handlers, ductwork, shafts, chases, plenums, pipes, walls, ceilings and floors using cable video, fiber-optic, borescopic and robotic equipment
  • Documentation of inspections, assessments and mechanical hygiene reports in various formats, including a written scope of work and free estimate to you
  • Containment, if needed including customized build-out protection, HEPA-filtered negative air and collection devices
  • Agitation and removal of particulates using compressed air brushes, sweeps and whips 
  • Removal of contaminated HVAC system insulation and filtration media and particulates
  • Application of mechanical insulation repair coatings, only as recommended.
  • Recommendations for site specific remediation, scope of work or follow-up