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Why Worry about Mold? Isn’t it Everywhere? Part 1 of our Mold Series

Yes, mold spores are everywhere. So why do people get so worried when they find it in their homes or businesses? Consider mold like a weed. Weeds are just plants, but they become “weeds” when they grow where they aren’t desired. Even Queen Anne’s Lace is a weed when it takes root in your vegetable garden instead of along the roadside in the country. Mold is much the same.

Mold growth on wall
mold growth on wall

There are many types of mold that inhabit our environment, and they provide very beneficial functions, assisting Mother Nature as she decomposes materials to bring them back to the Earth. But if it appears on the structural wood inside your home, mold becomes more than a nuisance. It can cause problems.

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