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Clearing the Air: What an HVAC cleaner should really do in your home



Reprinted with permission: By Robert Rizen, ASCS, CVI & VSMR

Those statistics about indoor air pollution and its relationship to respiratory problems convinced you it was time to get your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) cleaned. You were even looking forward to the increased energy efficiency that a clean system can provide. But $49 and one very noisy service call later, you’re still sneezing and you haven’t seen any dip in your energy bill.

What happened?

“A very low service charge may indicate the service provider isn’t performing a thorough cleaning and maintenance of your home’s entire HVAC system,” said Matt Mongiello, past president of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. “He or she may have done nothing more than blow air through the ducts and clean off vent grills inside the home. A cleaning performed to NADCA standards – which are cited by the EPA as a best practice – encompasses much more than just the ductwork.”

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Price Differences for Air Duct Cleaning: Why the Disparity?

Consumers are bombarded by mailed packages with coupons that include duct cleaning specials, and when searching the internet for pricing, they come away more confused than ever about the true cost of duct cleaning. One page has advertisements for $49 specials, and another estimates the cost to be almost $1000. Even the consumer guide websites that refer homeowner to services will give wildly different quotes from three to five different providers. How can this be?

Duct cleaning is duct cleaning, right?  Wrong.

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