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As air handlers age, they become less efficient and can diminish Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  While capital improvements can help the equipment operate more efficiently, they can’t continue to help if basic operations and maintenance are overlooked, as they often are.  Removal of soil/dirt build-up and corrosion from blower blades is one of the most neglected HVAC maintenance tasks, yet simple cleaning can improve air-movement efficiency by 50 percent.

Cleaning the fan, fan compartment (or room), coil and coil compartment can also stop airborne particulate from circulating around a building’s duct system.  Dirty air handlers and coil compartments can be ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi.

ACTS technicians thoroughly clean air handlers as a regular part of mechanical hygiene and HVAC system cleaning.

Commerical AHU Before Commercial AHU After
dirty Air handling unit commercial hvac cleaning